Nationally Certified Multi-Skilled Healthcare Technician ™ (NCMSHCT™)

NHCWA’s Multi-skilled Stacked credentials™ Bridges the gap between skills, education and employment.

What is a Nationally Certified Multi- Skill Health Care Technician™?

By definition, a certified Multi-Skilled Healthcare Technician (CMSHCT) Nationally Certified Multi-Skilled Healthcare Technician(NCMSHCT) Registered Multi-Skilled Healthcare Technician (RMSHCT) is any multi-skilled healthcare technician that has received and has met the certification requirements set by the National Healthcare Workers Association®(NHCWA®).  A Certified Multi-Skilled Healthcare Technician can perform a variety of clinical procedures as well as administrative duties. Clinical tasks performed by multi-skilled healthcare technicians can vary according to the laws in each state. Because a multi-skill health technician plays many roles in the medical field upon completion of a NHCWA approved program and passing the NHCWA’s multi-skilled stacked competency exam participants will receive NHCWA’s multi-skilled stacked credentials.

Certified Multi-Skilled Healthcare Technician Credential the Nations 1st and only industry-recognized in demand multi-skilled stacked credential designed to impact higher Education by helping students efficiently and cost-effectively gain transparent in-demand skills that lead to employment and to provide numerous benefits to healthcare providers, organizations, and patients for Health care organizations that increasingly face the pressures of meeting the needs of patients while responding to the financial pressures of cost containment and quality optimization.

Nationally Certified Multi-Skill Health Care Technician™ Job Duties

Multi-skilled healthcare technicians are professionals who perform a variety of tasks at a hospital, from working in labs and offices to helping patients one-on-one. They work in different clinical roles, including nurse’s aide, phlebotomist, obtaining blood samples from patients by capillary or venipuncture, EKG technician and more.