Legal Department

Welcome to the NHCWA Trademark and Licensing Office. We are responsible for reviewing, registering, and regulating all requests to use the official NHCWA trademarks and emblems. We are also charged with protecting the brand from unauthorized use and to deter copyright infringement.

Be advised individuals, organizations and public bodies can be held liable for trademark infringement when adopting an official mark that may be confused with a prior registered trademark. 

The NHCWA Trademark and Licensing Program is not currently accepting any new applications for licensure for any Med Skills Academy, Medical Skills Academy and Allied Skills Academy Programs. Youth Healthcare Workforce Credentials must also be approved through legal.

All individuals and organizations are required to obtain prior written approval in advance before producing any products that display the official NHCWA brands.

With such a long and successful history, it’s no surprise NHCWA has more than 300 pending trademark applications and 100 active federal trademark registrations. 

NHCWA is one of the largest credentialing bodies in the US and the eighth largest globally.

Please be advised NHCWA National Healthcare Workers Association legal teams will aggressively enforce its intellectual property rights to the fullest extent of the law. This also includes the unauthorized use of ALL of NHCWA’s Multi-Skilled Stacked Credentials