Nationally Certified Multi-Skilled Emergency Room Tech ™ (NCMSERT™)

Nationally Certified Multi-Skilled ER Technician Certification $295

Nationally Certified Multi-Skilled ER Technician™ also known as Multi-Skilled Emergency Room Technician™ and Multi-Skilled Emergency Department Technicians™

By definition, a Certified Multi-Skilled ER Technician (CMSERT) Nationally Certified Multi-Skilled ER Technician (NCMSERT) Registered Multi-Skilled ER Technician (RMSERT) is any Multi-Skilled ER Technician that has received and has met the certification requirements set by the National Healthcare Workers Association®(NHCWA®).

What does is mean to be a Certified Multi-Skilled ER Technicians™ (MSERT) or Multi-Skilled Emergency Department Technicians™

Certified Multi-Skilled ER Technicians™are advanced healthcare professionals who assist with patient care in a hospital’s emergency room. A Multi-Skilled ER Technician works under the supervision and delegation of ER doctors and registered nurses and perform meaningful and helpful tasks and assists with care for patients of all ages. He or she may be responsible for performing tests on emergency room patients, setting up diagnostic machines and preparing patients for exams. Some Multi-Skilled ER Technician are students working to become doctors or nurses. Others continue medical training to become paramedics or emergency medical technicians.

Whats the Difference Between Multi-Skilled ER Technician™ and EMT

Multi-Skilled ER Technicians™ and EMT’s are both entry-level healthcare positions, but the difference lies in their level of education and the kind of procedures they are allowed to perform. Very different training programs are required to prepare Multi-Skilled ER Technicians and EMTs for their unique roles. Emergency medical technicians, or EMTs, provide healthcare services in emergency situations and can perform more complex procedures. Multi-Skilled ER Technician’s™provide assistance only within the confines of an emergency room

Job Duties a Multi-Skilled Emergency Room Technician™ might perform

As a Multi-Skilled ER Technician, your main function is to support registered nurses in a hospital emergency department in order to provide the highest quality patient care. Your duties are divided between clinical and clerical roles as needed. Clinical responsibilities for Certified Multi-Skilled ER Technicians™(CMSERT’s) may include assisting with transporting of patients within the hospital, Applying appropriate monitoring devices such as cardiac monitor, pulse oximeter, and non-invasive blood pressure. Performing electrocardiograms, Performing Venipuncture, obtaining necessary lab specimens, taking  and recording vital signs, height and weights, measures and recording fluid intake and output, collecting specimens, temperature and blood pressure. Your supervisor may ask for additional assistance with patient procedures within the boundaries of your scope of practice. As a Multi-Skilled ER Technician, you also have administrative obligations that include assisting with patient transfers and discharge, setting up and maintaining emergency room equipment, maintaining a clean and safe environment, documenting patient information and replenishing supplies.

The Importance of Certification

NHCWA Certification allows healthcare workers and employers to validate their knowledge and abilities and the mastery of industry-specific skills. Achieving certification helps healthcare organizations demonstrate that their business is run effectively by qualified staff. Meanwhile, recertification reflects a commitment to ongoing learning and improvements. Additionally, organizations that are NHCWA certified can successfully demonstrate to patients, employees and other companies that they use industry-respected best practices.

NHCWA Certification Benefits Patients and Families: NHCWA Certification provides validation that a medical organization and its employees have demonstrated the necessary knowledge and skills to meet the complex requirements of the healthcare industry. This ensures high quality care delivery, which can give patients and families peace of mind.

NHCWA Certification Benefits Healthcare Professionals: In order to become certified, healthcare professionals must validate their industry-specific knowledge and skills. Passing the certification process allows them to position themselves for appropriate recognition, and it can give them a critical sense of confidence and achievement.

NHCWA Certification Benefits Employers: Certification is a vehicle for hospitals to distinguish themselves from competitors. It demonstrates to consumers that the organization attracts only the most skilled and experienced healthcare workers. Achieving NHCWA certification (and meeting the continuing education requirements necessary to maintain it) also contributes to an environment of professionalism and a culture of employee retention. This is especially critical given the severe shortage of qualified healthcare workers.

Certification/Licensing: Each individual state decides licensing requirements for Multi-Skilled ER Technicians, but most states do not at this time. Although no state’s at this time requires Multi-Skilled ER Technician certification, getting your certification in Multi-Skilled ER Technician can be a good move. Check the state’s requirements before you register for the this certification Exam.

NHCWA Multi-Skilled ER Technician Certification Requirements:

One of these requirements must be met:

•Graduation from an allied health vocational training program
•One year of work experience in the field
•Military experience/training in the field
•Reciprocity from another certifying agency

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